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Steffen Hopf 

Advisory Board League-M Europe, CEO, Julep Media

"Great team with a spot-on idea. I know from my personal experience how complex, fragmented and somehow difficult the entry into the EMEA market is for publishers from overseas and Asia. That’s exactly where the team of League-M comes in and solves all those challenges for its clients. A simple, scalable and successful concept that enables publishers to quickly and successfully participate in that localized advertising market in Europe with the help of League-M. Awesome!"

Alexander Gösswein

Advisory Board League-M Europe, Regional Managing Director GSA, MEA & Russia, Criteo​

"The LEAGUE-M approach makes 100% sense and will help US publisher and adtech companies to access the GSA market in a much more efficient way, one of the toughest markets for them historically.”

Kenneth Shapiro

Advisory Board League-M Europe, Chief Revenue Officer, Fandom

"I personally excited for League-M and the opportunity Florian, Pia and Gunnar have ahead of them. I am confident that they will be massively successful in expanding their relationships and ultimately their business."

Ralph Suda

Advisory Board League-M Europe, Investor, Consultant & Expert Digital Advertising and Digital Commerce

"The fragmented advertising market in Europe is not only a challenge for publishers and advertisers, but above all a huge opportunity for those who manage to make this market effectively and easily accessible. League-M combines the quality of a creative, experienced top management team with an ingenious business concept to solve this problem.

Finally someone does that!"

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